"Loft" Style recording studio in Grand Rapids MI.  

So....I am Rick Johnson. I was born in Muskegon, MI in the 1980's. I spent most of my youth playing video games and skateboarding. I started playing music at age 8 when I began taking piano lessons. I later worked my way up to trombone, guitar, bass guitar, theremin, and countless other obscure electronic instruments; basically whatever I found exciting from the records I acquired. When I was in my teens i started playing rock and roll shows with any band that would allow me to incorporate whatever idea I had at the time.

Out of need and extreme interest, I started doing a lot of recording on a Tascam 424 4 track recorder. Eventually, trading that in for a Blackface Adat in the late 90's, I took a couple classes in college dealing with electronic music and recording technology. I later dropped out of college; however, gaining a degree dealing with graphic arts. With disillusionment dealing with school, I decided to tour nonstop. For the past 10 years I have been on the road playing bass with Mustard Plug, Bomb The Music Industry, Wack Trucks, The Stitch Up, and my one man freak out: The Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine.

In my downtime, I have always tried to record and apply my philosophy of creating a comfortable organic recording, while keeping it "high tech." Since 2004, I have been recording random bands in houses, basements, practice spaces, cottages, and other completely random locations. Ultimately, I have decided to open my own space and try my hand in recording bands in an affordable, comfortable location in Grand Rapids, Michigan.